Best in the category of Excellence in Packaging Design – Sepsivac Packaging

Sepsivac Packaging – Excellence in Packaging Design

The Cadila Pharmaceuticals’ latest innovation for Sepsis treatment, Sepsivac, recently won the India Packaging Award under the category ‘Excellence in Packaging Design – Graphics and Brand Value Add’ for its innovative design.

The event saw eminent pharma professionals’ participation in celebrating packaging innovations in the pharmaceutical sector. In ‘India Packaging Awards,’ Cadila Pharmaceuticals’ Sepsivac was given the ‘Excellence in Packaging Design – Graphics and Brand Value Add’ award for its innovative packaging. 
Key highlights of Sepsivac Carton
The packaging’s key features involved infographics on the box for drug adherence, temperature indicator to provide cumulative heat exposure through the shelf life, validated cold chain boxes to ensure a temperature-controlled supply chain, and a QR code on the package ease of access of the e-leaflet of the product.
Views on Packaging of Sepsivac
“We are greatly proud to have won this award, as Sepsivac is one of the newest innovations by Cadila Pharmaceuticals in the Treatment of Sepsis. The focus on the packaging of Sepsivac was to ensure that medical practitioners can have complete information about the product. The nature of the product is not compromised at all times. Through this compact, sustainable and recyclable packaging, we were able to achieve this and continue to serve the needs of the nation innovatively,” shared Mr. O. P. Singh, President – Sales and Marketing, Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Cadila Pharmaceuticals’ Atul Mulay, GM, Packaging Development, was also recognized as the winner of the social media campaign, #SafePackagingChallenge, organized by the Global Ambassador of the World Packaging Organisation, Mr. AVPS Chakravarthi. This was awarded to Mr. Atul Mulay for his post on LinkedIn talking about the product highlights of Sepsivac, for being the most engaging post in the challenge.
Across the year, Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd. has been continuously verified for its all-around efforts to help the community, patient education, and coming out with quality medicines. The Cadila Pharma’s Sepsivac was lately awarded the Covid-19 Pharma Excellence Award for being one of the most assuring drugs in the fight against COVID-19, organized by HEAL Health Connect Solutions.
Cadila Pharma was recently also awarded the Healthcare Crusaders Award – COVID-19 edition organized by Healthwise Media, for its extraordinary support to the community during this pandemic.
Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is one of the biggest privately-held pharmaceutical companies in India. It has freshly concluded and cleared USFDA inspection firmly in February 2020. 
Across the past six decades, Cadila Pharmaceuticals has been engaged in developing and manufacturing affordable medicines and making them available for patients worldwide. Its innovation-driven drug discovery processes ensure the health and well-being of people around the world.

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