Family pack helps to reduce secondary packaging

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First of all, the manufacturer has to design a complete family packaging i.e., primary packaging, so that the next secondary and tertiary packages can be made very quickly.

Complete family packaging helps to reduce secondary packaging
It starts with the primary packaging, such as bottles, containers, flexible pouches. If the primary pack has the same finish will help the secondary packaging inline with the primary. So, it makes all the manufactures can be readily available stocks on instant demand. 
In that case, the bottle or primary manufacturer supplier has to design the bottle with same finish, such as diameter, closure finish, closure, label surface length. So that customer doesn’t need to worry about the ancillary.
If all the things were the same, the customer and supplier need to change only in the adjustment in filling lines and box height. The supplier has to design a family pack of stock bottles that help co-packers satisfy the demanding specifications for e-commerce ready packaging.
It should be changed in volume and decrease downtime because of the need to be the same periphery with the same finish – only the height adjustments to accommodate the varying fill volumes. 
The entire e-commerce supply chain works quickly, and brands and co-packers need packaging that maintains pace. While also withstanding the difficulties of this channel. Small and medium-scale business brands with niche commodities have found that e-commerce supports growth. Amongst the newest trends in e-commerce are more growing consumers examining new brands and products. At the same time, the business has seen a shift in how commodities are packaged. For example, it is unusual now for salad packs to be packaged in beverage bottles or olive oil in wine bottles. 
It concludes co-packers uniquely positioned to satisfy these requirements for optimized e-commerce packaging because it gives flexibility, agility, and resourcefulness. Agile co-packers have increasingly performed a key role in e-commerce because they fill products for many customers in multiple sizes and finishes. It means several adjustments to the fill line, ending in reduced capacity and downtime. So, that alternative use in the filling product. The pack maximizes performances and gives flexibility for co-packers. Because all the packs all have the same family pack, they need to add a new size or switch quickly from one dimension to another without changing guide rails or other variables that require time and labor. The only modification in filled height.
Prep-Free Packaging (PFP)
Containers significantly reduce or eliminate the requirement for secondary packaging and adhere to the customer requirements for Prep-Free Packaging (PFP). It also eliminates damage and product loss and minimizes shipping costs.


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