Lightweight PET bottle designed for Beer by AMCOR

Amcor has modified its leading-edge design technology to produce the first PET bottle for the packaging of pasteurized beer in Brazil.

The company created customized design 600-milliliter containers for the beverage that emphasize the beauty of a glass-like, champagne-style base fused with the advantage of lightweight and shatter-resistant PET.

It highlights a crown metal cap, a replica of a conventional glass bottle. The PET bottle is a better option for glass during the filling and capping process, enduring the internal pressure and high-heat conditions of the tunnel pasteurization process.

PET bottles allow design benefits over the glass while signifying lighter weight, more efficiently and safely portable, and durable, and give the required barrier protection,” said Rodolfo Salles, research and development manager for Amcor in Brazil.

Amcor does an oxygen scavenger barrier additive to inhibit oxygen ingress and egress, rendering up to 4 months of shelf life. The bottle is suited to the regular recycling process and also 100% recyclable. The lightweight containers reduce transportation expenses, and CO2 emission decreases along the supply chain.


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