World’s first complete barrier aseptic carton without an Aluminium layer by SIG


SIG declares the blastoff of SIGNATURE EVO, the world’s first aluminum-free complete barrier packaging materials for aseptic carton packs. 

SIGNATURE EVO outstretches SIG’s lower-carbon aluminum-free packaging materials – already available for plain white milk – for more extensive use with oxygen-sensitive outcomes such as fruit juices, nectars, flavored milk, or plant-based beverages.

“By developing our SIGNATURE portfolio with SIGNATURE EVO – the world’s first aluminum-free packaging materials for aseptic cartons with full barrier protection – we are bringing the next step in our aluminum-free journey and highlighting our position as an industry leader in sustainable innovations,” said Ali Kaylan, SVP Innovation at SIG. “We are delighted to give our customers additional opportunities to bring low-impact packaging solutions to more categories and more consumers around the world. Sustainable innovations like this are central to SIG’s commitment to partner with customers and go Way Beyond Good for people and the planet.”

Industry-leading sustainable innovation

SIGNATURE EVO is the most delinquent evolution in the SIGNATURE portfolio – SIG’s visionary offering of the sustainable packaging materials available for aseptic carton packs.

SIG guided the industry with the first-ever aluminum-free solutions for aseptic cartons. By removing the need for an aluminum foil barrier layer, combibloc ECO PLUS trimmed the carbon footprint of SIG’s standard packaging material by 27% when launched in 2010. 

SIGNATURE 100 cut this additionally in 2017, delivering a 58% lower carbon footprint than SIG’s standard packaging material by connecting the polymers to 100% renewable forest-based materials through a certified mass-balance system.

With more than 1.9 billion packages now sold with these aluminum-free long-life packaging solutions for dairy products, SIG has succeeded in creating the first complete barrier aluminum-free packs for aseptic cartons.

SIGNATURE EVO packaging materials are anticipated to show a similar carbon footprint reduction to combibloc ECO PLUS, to be confirmed through an independent, critically-reviewed life-cycle assessment. SIGNATURE EVO is fully recyclable in existing recycling streams like all SIG packs.

Extending aluminum-free solutions to more products

With barrier properties similar to standard aseptic cartons that have an aluminum foil barrier layer, SIGNATURE EVO packaging materials provide that even oxygen-sensitive products are preserved over long periods without the requirement for refrigeration. This allows customers to get environmental advantages to many more food and beverage categories.

SIGNATURE EVO will originally be launched in the combiblocMini portion-sized format before being extended to other forms. It is suited for both oxygen-insensitive products like basic white UHT milk and oxygen-sensitive products like fruit juices, nectars, flavored milk, or plant-based beverages.

SIG’s most sustainable packaging solutions

SIGNATURE EVO improves options for consumers to distinguish their products with an aluminum-free pack that shows both on-shelf appeal and stand-out environmental certificates.

In the future, it will also be open to more opportunities such as SIGNATURE EVO 100 – SIG’s complete barrier solution for aseptic carton packs related to 100% renewable forest-based materials.

This information reinforces SIG’s function as the top supplier of aluminum-free aseptic carton packaging solutions. It highlights SIG’s pledge to offer the most sustainable food packaging solutions on the demand as it goes Way Beyond Good for consumers, society, and the environment.

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