New innovative ink – efficiently De-inking during recycling

Siegwerk is one of the innovative manufactures of printing inks for packaging applications such as labels, mono cartons, and flexibles. 
APK AG, a professional in the making of high-quality plastic recyclate from packaging waste.

A collaboration between two companies

Jointly both the companies had completed a de-inking trial of twofold printed LDPE-films. The strategic combination of the two businesses, which commenced in October 2019, offers to its first groundbreaking acumens to facilitating the efficient recycling technology of flexible packaging applications.

Innovative De-inking Technology for Recycling

In spring 2020, the Research and Development department of APK AG tested several LDPE-flexible film samples. It had used on printed twofold with yellow, red, black, and blue inks of Siegwerk. The test is to check whether APK AG’s solvent-based recycling technology can work on Siegwerk’s inks. 

Process of De-inking

APK AG’s has a Newcycling® technology that could entirely remove Siegwerk’s inks from the flexible film. The flexible film samples used with the Newcycling® solvent, and it dissolved. The received polymer solution still contained printing ink-components. 
And the dispersed inks on the film were removed with a filter unit explicitly designed for the de-inking process, emphasizing a very high selectivity level. The de-inking process resulted in acceptable for red, black, and blue color samples produced as new flexible film transparency. 
Yellow color…
But yellow color on the film sample remains a marginal yellowish still after the treatment. It is considered the entire life cycle of the packaging – from design, to use phase and finally recycling. They are delighted that printing inks from Siegwerk have proven to be suitable for solvent-based recycling processes. They have mastered a much-discussed challenge for the effective recycling of flexible packaging.
Role of printing ink in the Plastic Industry
Printing inks perform a vital role in the production of plastic packaging. It is essential for the appearance and functionality of the packaging. But they also serve a significant challenge when it proceeds to manufacture a plastic recyclate of accepted quality from post-consumer packaging waste. ‘The purpose of a quality-driven recycling method is to generate a recyclate, which is as transparent as feasible and can further be reused in packaging applications.
Innovative De-inking Technology performance before recycling
For Siegwerk – this means implementing innovative de-inking technology inks and lacquers, which help high-quality recycling – for example by providing easy de-inking while keeping full performance during the use phase.
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