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Pasta Packaging, Innovative Pasta Packaging, Shyika & Shyika
Source: Shyika & Shyika
Innovative Pasta Packaging
The design of the pasta packaging is with a unique form of packaging. The design seems to be non-destructive of the long pasta, which emphasizes its concept. The brand includes two types of pasta: 
  1. Classic Pasta
  2. Veggie
And four different types of each kind: fettuccine, tripoline, fusilli, and spaghetti.
The design is made by Shyika & Shyika, which in the shape of the tube form, and it is seen through the packaging long structure pasta product, which focuses on the customer appealing. Currently, in the market, the packaging is in the pouch; we just cut it and use it. But here it added a cylindrical tube with a see-through window.

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