First-of-its-kind sustainable RFID tags by Stora Enso

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Source: Stora Enso

Stora Enso Intelligent Packaging presents the first-of-its-kind sustainable RAIN RFID labels. 

Sustainable RFID tags
ECO RFID Tag Technology combines the unique new Impinj M700 series integrated circuit. Both together permit the most wideband performance and frequency insensitivity in various substances.
The latest IC family gives a more extended read range and broader coverage, while also enhancing the sustainability of the ECO RFID tags. Even further with the less chip size and enhanced assembly process efficiency with 300mm / 12” wafers.
The latest chip family launched in ECO Hanger and ECO Rack RFID labels category. It designed explicitly for retail-applications, such as hang tags. According to Life Cycle assessment considerations, ECO RFID tags give up to 40% reduction in carbon footprint. It is also competing with conventional inlay alternatives in both performance and cost. It is making them a sustainable option for businesses that worry about their eco-friendly footprint.
The innovative tags constituted with Impinj M730, and M750 chips are already available in sample quantities, and delivery will be in volume during Q2.



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