Future Smart Duo fiber lids for coffee cups

Each barista knows that serving the perfect take-away coffee is regarding the coffee and the full customer knowledge. Packaging performs an essential role in delivering the most satisfying experience for consumers. 

Sustainable solution 

 “We have been examining take-away coffee aficionados and have concentrated on developing innovative sustainable packaging solutions to overcome the barriers reaching in the way of the ultimate experience. Whether your coffee is warm or cold, we have concluded it out. Let me explain to you how,” declares Neal McCone, Category Director, Quick Service Restaurants and Specialty Coffee, Fiber, and the Foodservice Packaging at Huhtamaki.

The tale of the refreshing summer drink

During days that grow more extended, coffee enthusiasts typically turn to a fresher kind of brew. Iced coffee has been famous for many years now, and every summer season brings new frosty coffee tastes. The most advanced cool kid in coffee town is Dalgona, a hot or iced stirred coffee from South Korea.

While it appears to package for iced coffee, sip holes are basic functionality. 

If you look at people taking a take-away drink on the streets, you will see that many have excluded the lid from the cup. Essentially this change is driven by the sip hole’s inefficiency. 

Future Smart Duo fiber lids

Based on these considerations, we tapped into our technical know-how to design an award-winning fiber lid. Our Future Smart Duo fiber lids are proper for both hot and cold drinks. Thanks to the round sip hole, this new product’s great functionality make it possible to sip drinks with or without a straw. We think customers should always be able to choose the most suitable way to savor their beloved beverage.

Don’t worry, no-spill.

For a large majority of people, a cup of coffee is the single way to start the morning. Apart from perking you up and supporting your focus, it also fixes your mood for the rest of the day.

When you stumble, change pace, or flick, the hot beverage you are holding in your hand sloshes back and forth in its container. If you have accepted the lid off your takeaway cup or worse, your cup came with an ill-fitting cover that spells insufficient data for you and your clothes or the people nearby you. Spilled coffee is never a delightful thing.

To withdraw beverage spillage and these kinds of scenarios, we crafted the Future Smart Duo fiber lids to secure an enhanced click fit with paper cups. The end goal is cleared: to permit you to consume drinks on the go without disturbing spills or leakage.

The tale of the eco-conscious takeaway lover

Over the past years, take-away aficionados have developed increasingly aware of the value of their customer lifestyle on the environment. The more major takeaway beverages we drink, the more extra packaging we use. For several, there has been an increasing awareness of the necessity to find sustainable solutions, particularly to address plastic replacement.

Future Smart Duo fiber lids

In line with our desire to project food, people, and the planet, Huhtamaki determined to carry on this difficulty and make plastic lids a matter of the past. Our unique 100% plastic-free fiber lids are recyclable and industrially compostable, providing a clear alternative to eco-conscious customers and delivering sustainable packaging solutions. As they are produced of renewable, plant-based fiber, they help decrease the consumption of fossil materials.

“We understand we can bring the final touch to the ultimate takeaway knowledge by presenting an innovative, fit-for-purpose, and sustainable food packaging. Presently it is time for cafés and baristas, where you are in the world, to join hands and build a positive impact by simply making the best choice,” says Neal.

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