Henkel enables recyclable paper packaging with innovative coating solutions

It is a leading supplier of adhesives and coatings for packaging applications. Henkel is working near its partners to maintain an indirect economy by rethinking packaging solutions in sustainable yet functional access. In last year’s launch of the RE range designed for recycling, the company has extended the line-up to introducing hot and cold-sealable coatings for paper. These products are certified as paper-recycling cooperative and allow a whole new range of packaging designs.
Sustainability is one of the prevalent critical factors for the packaging of goods across the board. During designing packaging in a recycling-friendly system that is united with a circular economy, the first step starts by ensuring that adhesives and coatings can provide alternative materials like paper for various food and non-food applications.
The primary purpose of packaging is protection, and this is still what underpins our tactics. The scope also included developing adhesives and coatings that help improving recyclability and allow new packaging designs, explained by Alexander Bockisch, the Head of Global Market Strategy for Flexible Packaging at Henkel. “Our two newest developments are certified by recyclable and can replace plastic packaging. Both sealable coatings are enabled full recyclability of paper packaging in food and non-food applications.” 
According to Euromonitor, the use of adjustable paper in snack bars is supposed to grow by 20% in Western Europe within 2019 and 2024, to reach 41 million units. In chocolate confectionery, adjustable paper remains a niche market, including less than 2% of secondary packaging globally. We see that area as having substantial potential for growth if we cooperate with our partners along the value chain to design the best packaging solutions, is that by executing complete recyclability with our most unique sealable paper coatings.”
One range of paper coatings, many applications
The coats seal to both paper and themselves and break new security, food safety, and paper flexibility. Their production performance raises the bar even higher, given the capacity to maintain consistent sealing properties, even at high machine speeds. “We worked nearly with our partners to design solutions that would be both recyclable and meet industry performance requirements,” describes by Davide Coppola, who the European Business Development Manager Coatings. “Loctite Liofol HS 2809-22 RE and CS 22-422 RE have been greatly examined and certified in terms of recyclability and food protection characteristics. We can allow coatings and adhesives for use on paper packaging in wide-ranging applications without cutting corners on appearance or safety.”
Loctite Liofol HS 2809-22 RE is a varied coating covering a massive variety of applications from hygienic products and tea bags to industrial hardware pouches and chocolate overwraps. Loctite Liofol CS 22-422 RE also includes applications such as collection cards, cereal bars, biscuit packaging, frozen foods, and ice-cream. Both discoveries provide excellent block resistance for better release in the reel while rejecting the necessary release lacquer and are compatible with all ink types. Reliability confirmed by autonomous institutes reaffirms how excellent this product is for paper recycling.
When recyclability beside high-level representation is considered, both products are an original fit for Henkel’s RE range and support the complete value chain when transforming plastic packages to paper-based options

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