Berry Unites its High-Performance Lamination Films Under its Entour™ Film Brand

Berry Global is uniting its international range of high-performance polyethylene (PE) lamination films under its Entour™ film brand, obtaining its more comprehensive portfolio. The move applies renaming the company’s European ‘FormiForLAM’ product to Entour™ films. This not only simplifies the product line-up but also ensures that customers receive a consistent experience when choosing from Berry’s wide range of lamination films.

Entour™ films are part of Berry’s B Circular product range and provide customers with a single source solution for various converter and food films that meet precise application requirements while supporting the move to a circular economy. 

Entour™ lamination films are ideal for bags, pouches, stand-up pouches, and flow wraps in markets, including foods, wipes, and pet foods. All deliver significant benefits, such as high levels of product protection, consumer convenience, and point-of-sale impact, combined with the ability to be recycled with other PE structures. It offers an alternative to traditional multi-material PET/PE and OPET/PE laminated films.

The flexibility of the Entour™ films means that their strength and stiffness can be tailored to each application while maintaining stability on store shelves. For enhanced branding and on-shelf appeal, there is a choice of decoration options, including high-quality flexographic and rotogravure print. Clarity and gloss can also be customized to precise brand requirements.

To maximize consumer convenience, the films are zipper-compatible and can incorporate a linear MD (machine direction) tear for easy open pouches.

“We are delighted to announce our decision to re-brand FormiForLAM as Entour films,” commented Neal Geryl, Business Development Director of Berry’s European Flexible Films business. “This not only simplifies our product range; it also reflects our vision for the future and our commitment to delivering sustainable solutions that support our customers’ goals.

“As one of Europe’s leading producers of PE films, we can manufacture films that deliver high levels of technical performance while satisfying consumer and regulatory demands for recyclable packaging solutions.

“However,” he continued, “it is essential that this is achieved without compromising the pack’s performance, particularly in product protection, preservation, and presentation.

“Entour films offer PE lamination film solutions while maintaining excellent quality and functionality to deliver an effective circular solution.”

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