1st time-ever 100% recyclable – Integrally moulded handle

Sustainable stability in design 

It comes with superior technology with design and modification at the lead, so you and your supply partners benefit. Integrated Plastics’ innovative designs & manufacturing process enable you to bring your goods to market in fully patented, commercially certified, and 100% recyclable PET handle bottle solutions.

Integrally Moulded Handle (IMH™)

Integrated Plastics are worldwide innovators in sustainable packaging technology. Presenting the world’s first environmentally efficient Integrally Moulded Handle (IMH™) bottle solution.



At Integrated Plastics, we recognize the necessity for a commercially effective transition to environmental sustainability in packaging and pride ourselves on conceding the needs and challenges in global markets. We serve with accompanying international manufacturers and regional and local bottlers; we give solutions that allow great commercial advantage, far out-waying the transition cost and future-proofing production systems.

Customers are asking for convenience and variety with an expanding focus on environmental standards. Governments around the world are legislating to ensure compliance.

Let us achieve a solution that satisfies these requirements while improving brand visibility, product differentiation, and staying ahead of future legislative and worldwide packaging requirements.

Performace of Bottle 

Assist any bottle company or bottler looking to advance environmental exposure by transitioning to a 100% recyclable IMH™ alternative. Lighter, faster, stronger, advanced line efficiency and reduced freight dependency equal a lower carbon footprint.

Handles are integrally molded at the preform stage and will not release. It has a Bottle weight support & Molded using 100% Copolymer and 100% recyclable with no separation required.

Biaxially oriented heat-set IMH™ bottles can fill at 90°C, 46x higher OTR barrier features than HDPE. And also 30x higher OTR barrier features compared to PP Lower Carbon Dioxide transmission rate than HDPE/PP. 

Integrally Moulded Handle, Integrated Plastics, IMH

It also has Improved shelf life from a lower Oxygen transmission rate when compared to HDPE/PP.

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It is compatible with colorants, UV stabilizers, and barrier agents to improve shelf-life further.

At Integrated Plastics, we are dedicated to developing the environmental sustainability of plastic bottle-blowing technology by exploiting the superior properties of PET and rPET and allowing a genuinely circular packaging alternative through innovation and design.

We are serving different types of industries. 

  • Dairy 
  • Cooking Oil
  • Beverage – Water, Juice & Cordial
  • Chemical and Homecare

The more advantages of IMH bottle 

  1. Clarity with more elegant, quality features.
  2. Top load features mean distribution in packages is eliminated.
  3. Mechanical, Barrier, and ergonomic characteristics when contrasted to PP/HDPE.
  4. Impact resistance
  5. Load strength
  6. UV degradation
  7. Lower scrap rate and reduced bottle rejection compared to extrusion molding process because of no de-flash process and no pinholes.

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