Plastic is outstanding, but you need paper packaging innovation – Check out the top 14 recycling packaging

Plastic is outstanding – till you no longer need it.

The plastics include different additives, like color, dyes, fillers, or flame retardants; fewer plastics can be recycled or reused without deterioration in performance or appearance. Despite the most recyclable plastic, PET (polyethylene terephthalate) – is only recovered 20 to 30%, & the rest goes to incinerators or landfills, where it takes ages to decompose. That’s why the world is looking for recycling packaging, an alternative to plastic in the form of paper (recycling packaging)

The world is drastically changing, and it’s affecting the way we live and function. However, the irony is that the world is drastically changing because of our unhealthy practices and us! 

It’s now imperative to live more sustainably, carefully, and consciously. Integrating sustainability into our day-to-day lives has become crucial! And we can do this in various ways. Designers and creators are coming up with sustainable alternatives for almost everything! 

Check out the industry’s top paper packaging innovations, recyclable packaging that you can utterly degradable in 2021 

Sr. No. #1

Stone Paper

Stone paper bags and promotional materials are the environmental and convenient alternative to traditional plastic carrier bags. If you need to make your high-quality advertisement media sustainable in the future, then you have grown to the best place. 

Source: Stone Paper

Stone Paper Products GmbH “Stone paper” is an innovative limestone material, a naturally occurring resource, and recyclable packaging. Not only because of its environmentally friendly manufacturing method, it is also a natural choice of the usual stuff such as paper or plastic. The elegant look makes your advertising materials a complete triumph.

Like polyethylene, Stone Paper is strong and waterproof. However, as it decays into dust again only following a short time due to the impact of wind and weather, it can compete with biodegradable plastic. Due to its natural formability and foldability and the highest high-quality look and quality, stone paper is similar to classic paper and just as simply printable.

Stone paper products get all the advantages they expect from a quality carrying bag and recycle packaging. Compared to paper or plastic bags, however, they hardly pollute the environment.

Due to its endurance and new design, the stone paper bag can also be utilized as an alternative to fabric or jute bags. Although the traditional printable fabric bag is often made from organic cotton, the water used to make this material is enormous.

Sr. No. #2

ECOGRIP – Corrugated MultiPack

The Blue Box Partners, the pan-European Alliance of suppliers for corrugated board packaging solutions, has launched ECOGRIP, a corrugated option to shrink wrap for the multi-packing of a broad range of bottles that makes on the growing customer demand for sustainable packaging.

ecogrip, multi-packing of bottles, multipack water bottles
Source: Blue Box Partners
  • 100% recyclable packaging corrugate 
  • A sustainable option to single-use plastic
  • The whole solution for bottle multi-packs

Sr. No. #3

KraftMac – Microwavable cup

The fiber-based microwavable cup currently holding trialed is microwave secure and filled with the same delicious KraftMac and Cheese.

Also, the innovative cup will reject the plastic label through new direct print technology. The design switch from plastic to fiber intends to decrease plastic use and be recyclable packaging and compostable in industrial composting abilities. 

microwavable cups, microwavable cup, is paper cup microwavable, recyclable fiber-based microwavable cup, fiber-based microwavable cup
Source: Kraft Mac & Cheese

Kraft operates with outside partners to certify and incorporate the usual recycling labeling to help customers know exactly what to do with the packaging after enjoying their meal.

Sr. No. #4

Kai Store – Paper Razor 

From reusable totes (recycling packaging) made from fruit skins to the world’s first disposable paper razor, curated a whole collection of sustainable products that will have significant functionality in our daily lives. It’s time to go green!

A paper razor uses paper for the handle and metal for the blade (including the head) to achieve “deplasticization” and is used by assembling a piece of paper like origami.

Source: Kai Store

It can be used cleanly at any time without worrying about bacterial growth or rust. Its excellent water resistance can be used even when wet with water or hot water (about 40°C).

Sr. No. #5

Stora Enso – Seafood pack in Corrugated

The premium of Iceland now packs a large part of their fresh fish products in EcoFishBoxes, the carbon footprint of which is much smaller than the traditional plastic option. Their choice is supporting to reduce the use of plastics in the fish industry and recyclable packaging.

Source: Stora Enso

Their customers were affected by the packaging, appearance, and recyclability, which translated into increased sales for Premium of Iceland. Their goal is to ship all salmon and cod they produce in EcoFishBoxes.

Sr. No. #6

Mondi – Stretch Wrap Paper

Mondi’s has made a new lightweight paper grade, Advantage StretchWrap, which can wrap and resist puncture when covering pallets to guard goods during transportation. Currently, our industry is using multi-layer plastic, which is difficult to recycle and is presently used for pallet wrapping, switching to a responsibly sourced renewable material, recycle packaging, the new market standard.

Source: MondiGroup

Advantage StretchWrap (patent-pending) is a brand with an outstanding stretch of up to 11% and high-tensile strength. The paper has worked in the low grammage of 70 gsm; it makes it a robust and lightweight wrapping solution for goods transit on pallets. It has been examined and claimed the compression holding force test according to EUMOS standard, which means that the pallets can be safely transported.

Sr. No. #7

Nefab – FiberFlute

FiberFlute is a sustainable packaging solution that gives exceptional cushioning performance for an extensive range of products. FiberFlute is collected from plastic-based packaging because it is a 100% fiber-based and paper-recyclable solution. 

Source: Nefab

Moreover, FiberFlute can absorb more extra shock with less material than polyethylene (PE) foam, offer in dry and humid conditions, and withstand multiple drops. Last but not least, its nestable pattern is an intelligent space saver, ending in lower inbound transportation and warehousing costs.

Sr. No. #8

Institute of Nano Science and Technology – Shelf life of fruits

The Indian scientists have made a composite paper made of carbon (graphene oxide) loaded with preservatives that can be applied as wrappers to help extend the shelf life of fruits.

how to extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables, shelf life of fruits, Graphene oxide Nanoparticles
Source: Institute of Nano Science and Technology

Unlike the present preservative dipping technology, wherever the preservatives are adsorbed by the fruit, making chronic toxicity to the customers, preservatives the wrapper issues the preservative only during need. This wrapper can be reused, which is not achievable with the present technology.

Sr. No. #9

Toppan – GL-X-P

GL-X-P’s excellent water vapor barrier performance performs it likely to prevent content quality deterioration affected by humidity. At the same time, its flex resistance indicates can use it for a diverse variety of packaging shapes. 

Source: Toppan

These characteristics permit its use in packaging for a wide variety of powdered and solid contents, including food products such as instant coffee, powdered soups, and chocolate, as well as cosmetics and toiletries.

Sr. No. #10

Apple – Paper Pull Tab

Instead, the plastic wrap will be substituted by a new tear-off tab made entirely out of paper at the top and bottom side of the iPhone 13 box. The paper is glued to the box and can be opened/torn of a tab just once. 

Iphone 13 box packaging,
Source: Apple

The plastic wrap function is just for the customer’s tamper-proof, but can quickly wrap it with another customer. There is nothing like tamper-proof in the previous packaging of the iPhone 12 box. But in iPhone 13 box, packaging contents are intact during shipping and make sure consumers get a new iPhone13 box package that has not been opened or tampered with before with a pull tab options.

Sr. No. #11

Maxpack – Paper Strapping

Paper Strapping is compostable, recyclable, and eco-friendly. As polypropylene and polyester strapping are not widely recycled, they become viable products to be sent to landfills or, more seriously, end up in the hedgerow, rivers, or oceans.

Source: Maxpack

Strap, bundle, and secure parcels and products environmentally beneficially while maintaining stability and protection. Get in touch with us to switch to PaperStrap, save costs, reduce wastage, and become more ecologically sustainable.

Sr. No. #12

Cardboard Packaging – Spoon

In acknowledgment of the 2021 ban on disposable plastic cutlery, Cardbox Packaging introduced its first cardboard spoon on the market in 2020. The further improvement in recycling packaging resulted in an even more brilliant packaging clarification for dairy and convenience food.

Paper Cardboard spoon, Paper Spoon
Source: Cardboard Packaging

Sr. No. #13

Lactips – Plastic Free Paper 

100% bio-sourced, hometown compostable, and heat-sealed, the Plastic Free Paper solution gives the oxygen, fat, and mineral oil limits essential for preserving food products and is entirely compliant with food contact standards.

  • Replacing the sealable plastic layer for non-food packagings, such as mailing films or food films for dry or fatty commodities (tea bags, confectionery, pet chews, etc.)
  • Replacing per- or poly-fluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS) for papers that require to be grease-proof (e.g., fast food packaging)

Sr. No. #14


Conscious of the circular economy’s importance, the Pulp and Paper Institute performs corrugated cardboard composed of papers whose raw element is tomato stems. Tomato stems were nearby sourced and designed, an agro residue processed into liner and fluting papers incorporated into the corrugated board. 

recycling packaging, recycle packaging, recyclable packaging, Paper Packaging Innovations, recycling packages

The papers were created on a paper machine based on analysis for using this raw material for recycling packaging papermaking. Corrugated cardboard was also made in Slovenia in test production, and optimizations are currently being taken out according to the engineering properties of corrugated cardboard. 

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