Do you want to lose money due to damaged shipments?

ShockDot impact indicators are a cost-effective solution for detecting shipment mishandling of products and packages. These indicators can alert handlers that a box is being monitored and needs extra care, ultimately reducing costs associated with damage. They are omnidirectional, meaning they can detect impacts from any direction, and will turn red when a potentially damaging effect occurs.

ShockDot Impact Indicators are an affordable solution for detecting the mishandling of products and packages during shipping. By alerting handlers that a box is being monitored and requires extra care, ShockDot can ultimately reduce damage-related costs. These omnidirectional impact indicators are available in five sensitivities, each indicated by a different color. Simply match the sensitivity of the ShockDot to the level of impact the product and packaging can withstand based on any non-operating shock specifications or the size and weight of the shipment.

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If a package has not been mishandled, the circular indicator in the center of the ShockDot will remain white. If mishandling occurs, the indicator will show full or partial red coloration. Any red in the ShockDot window alert receivers to inspect the package for potential damage. ShockDot visually deters and detects mishandling by mounting to the exterior packaging and serving as a permanent record of mishandling during the shipment and handling cycle.

Source: ShockDot

ShockDot impact indicators are an economical solution for preventing damage during product transit. However, it is essential to note that they indicate mishandling, not damage. If a shipment arrives at its destination with an activated ShockDot, the receiver should immediately inspect the package for any visible damage and check the goods for any potential damage.

ShockDot impact indicators can be used in a variety of applications, including energy and utilities, furniture and fixtures, auto and truck parts, metal fabrication, consumer electronics, telecommunications equipment, network equipment, IT hardware, high-tech equipment, instrument panels, logistics, and transport, packaging/crating, medical supplies, medical devices, aerospace components, defense components, small distribution transformers, and appliances.

To select the best ShockDot impact indicator sensitivity, use the ShockDot Selection Guide based on shipment size and weight. However, the sensitivity of the ShockDot that will be best suited to your application will also consider product fragility and packaging.

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