Last night, multi-talented commentator and radio DJ Maya Jama hosted the introduction of COCA-COLA NEW LIMITED EDITION.

 A limited-edition drink called Movement, with a moving party on the Thames. The night to remember was attended by guests including Jesse Lingard, AJ Odudu, Snoochie Shy, Chunks, Poet, Tiffany Calver, Craig Mitch, Mira May, and many more.

Maya and other guests partied into the early hours on a private boat, with DJs Tiffany Calver, Continental GT, and DJ Corey providing the soundtrack. An assemblage of Maya’s closest friends and crew joined her throughout the evening, accompanied by a refreshing Coca‑Cola ® Creations Movement supply.


Coca‑Cola Creations is the brand’s innovation platform delivering new product expressions driven by collaboration, creativity, and cultural connections. Movement is Coca‑Cola ® Creation’s boldest and edgiest limited-edition flavor yet and was developed in partnership with a global musical powerhouse and Grammy-award-winning artist, Rosalía.

The transformational power of music inspires the product. It comes boldly and distinctively to display Rosalía’s personality through vibrant colors, candid doodles she hand-drew while sampling the product for the first time, and the iconic Coca‑Cola® Spencerian script that transforms into a sketch to capture a moment of metamorphosis.

Danny Hall, Senior Brand Manager at Coca‑Cola, said, “Movement is the fourth Coca‑Cola Creations limited edition that we’ve dropped in GB, and we wanted to do something special to mark its release. Partnering with Maya Jama’s Cling Cling Presents to develop a moving party filled with music and creativity was the perfect way to launch the product and celebrate the transformational power of music.”

Coca‑Cola Creations Movement is now available for a limited time only through retailers nationwide.

Later in the year, Coca‑Cola will unveil an additional limited-edition Coca‑Cola Creations product. 

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