Black and White !!!! Pure Contrast


Black and white, pure contrast! This 6th trend for 2019 makes use of only two elements that may seem restrictive at first, but as far as black and white is concerned, it is always a powerful and incredibly versatile dialogue.

The dynamics they offer in a design is impossible for the observer to ignore. It is an incredibly effective way to create separation between the elements of design and establish the relationship-or the lack thereof-between them.

A great visual example is presented by Marc Jacobs Packaging, is clean, sophisticated, simple and balances satisfactorily.

On the other hand, the combination of black and white can create complexity, maintaining the same minimalistic traits, as illustrated by the Sephora brand.
High contrast in packaging is a true and tested solution that steals our attention in PDVS.


  1. […] Whiteness refers to the degree to which paper shows equally the light of all wavelengths altogether the visible spectrum. A genuinely white sheet of paper will not incorporate one wavelength of light energy more than another. For example, if a sheet of paper put under a full spectrum light, almost all the light will be reflected back equally, and the paper will appear white. However, if some of the wavelengths of light energy received, the color of the paper will change to the light which was not absorbed but was instead reflected back to the observer. That is why a red sheet of paper looks red in white light because it receives all the other colors and reflects only the red. […]


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