Know How the Types of Jumbo Bag – Type A, Type B, Type C and Type D

What is Jumbo Bag or FIBC?

Jumbo bag is known for the bulk packaging of powder and granules products. It is an upgraded version of a woven bag with a higher strength to withstand approx 1500kg of the product with ease. But we need to understand what kind of specific requirement for our product. 

The product has several characteristics, such as electric discharge, explosive behavior, and moisture ingress. When products are filling or discharging, an electric/static charge is generated. If this occurred in a volatile environment/atmosphere, it could serve as a danger to life.

So, we must take all possible measures to prevent this discharge. The FIBCs (big bags/jumbo bags) needs to be created explicitly for anti-static properties and meet the provisions of international standard IEC 61340.

Provided that these bags are used accurately and that the regulations are complied with, & can guarantee a safe workplace. The anti-static groups of our FIBCs are explained below. So, I will explain only the significant part of choosing the right Jumbo bag.

Jumbo bag Types (not as per design):-

1# Jumbo Bag Type A: Regular FIBC

Jumbo Bag Type A – FIBCs are constructed of a fabric that does not have any protecting properties for the static charge.

This type of FIBC for non-flammable substances.

#2 Jumbo Bag Type B: Anti-static Bag

Jumbo Bag Type B – FIBCs, like type A, become no protecting properties against static electricity growth.

The variation is that the fabric material has a lower disruption voltage (< 6 kV). This type of FIBC is for dry, combustible materials, but there must not be any flammable gasses in the area.

#3 Jumbo Bag Type C: Conductive Bag

Jumbo Bag Type C – FIBCs are fabricated of conductive fabric. The conductivity is accomplished by knitting several conductive threads.

The different threads of yarn are combined and come together at an earthing point. Therefore, earthing of this FIBC at all times. This type of FIBC for flammable materials and in environments where combustible gases are present.

#4 Jumbo Bag Type D: Dissipative Bag

Jumbo Bag Type D – FIBCs are made of a particular anti-static fabric with permanent discharge properties (corona discharge). They do not need to be earthed. However, the immediate vicinity (machinery, staff, etc.) must be fully earthed. There are also restrictions on the relative humidity to use this type safely.

If we need to select the jumbo bag types, we must have the idea of design. Jumbo bags offers different options for filling and discharging. For the filling, there are top open, spout, skirt, and flap options. For discharging at the bottom, there is a spout option.

So, usually, we divide into three categories:

  1. Lifting loops
  2. Filling section 
  3. Discharge section 
  • Lifting loops – It is used for lifting jumbo bags.

a. Omega or cross corner loops

b. Side seam loops

c. Sleeve lifting loops

Jumbo Bag types
Source: Bulk Corp International

Jumbo Bag types

  • Filling head section – It is used for filling the jumbo bag

a. Full open top filling head

b. Duffle top

c. Dome top 

Jumbo Bag types

  • Discharge spout – It is used to discharge the product.

a. Plain bottom

b. Discharge spout

c. Full open bottom

Jumbo Bag types

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