Barcodes for food traceability

Barcodes for food traceability-PackagingGURUji

The first ever industrial barcode used on a Wrigley’s Chewing Gum packaging in 1974, and after then, barcodes have performed an essential role in the food industry. The Universal Product Code (UPC) is a significant factor in deciding the traceability of any commodity. In the food business, the traceability of a food item is considered very sincerely as it can influence public health.

Barcodes on food containers give the correct product data, reduce food waste and enhance the safety of products used.
In 2009, GS1 US jointly with international food associations around the world to control and manage the traceability. By acquiring businesses in the food industry to join an initiative for improved information flow in the industry.

This lead supports the selection of GS1 standards to establish a collaboration that will improve traceability, authorize a common ground for food safety, improve product information and eliminate waste as much as possible in the food supply chain.


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