First, of the kind, Bamboo water bottle launched in India

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Bamboo aka the “golden grass” is a unique place in the lives of the Assamese. The multi-purpose uses observed in affluence comes in handy while cooking, to make instruments.

Newly, two decades ago, Dhritiman Borah determined to design bamboo furniture, and kitchen and agricultural tools.
Borah initially decided not to pursue higher studies and wants to start their own business.
Complications soon became a part of his life.
Even though he had bamboo woods in the garden of their house placed in Biswanath Chariali, a city in the region of Guwahati, those were of the ‘jati’ and ‘bijuli’ type which only came handy for excellent work.
It shifted the trial to find the right modification of sturdy, durable bamboo and create a niche for his product in an aggressive rival.
The same year, it overtook on like wildfire primarily with environment-conscious customers in India and overseas. Such consumers lookout for natural products and want to drink from green bottles.
When the bamboo bottles were presented at the international fair been in Delhi for the first time, it did not perform very well. Some EU traders remarked his amazing product; nothing significant came of it.
The first order for 200 bottles arrived from the UK – Europe, some months ago. The customer was exactly looking for “raw bottles”, without any gloss or color on them.
That’s when the businessperson realized whither? He was working wrong; until then, he had been coating the bottles with an introduced waterproof oil polish.
Then, though he finishes the specific eco-friendly containers for some consumers, he adheres to just a coating of camphor and mustard oil for the more picky ones.
Now, he is going for the patent for his organic bamboo bottle.




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