Why Bamboo need support for the water bottle packaging?

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This bamboo plant is entirely famous for its incredible features. Our history is with a bamboo plant with over seven thousand years, such as bow & arrows, paper, house material, and musical instruments. Because of its origins, the existent way it is used, and the financial sustainability, Bamboo is an outstanding resource. 

So, Bamboo is being utilized for centuries in many ways. In the equatorial climates in which it develops, it is widely regarded as a wonder plant. We like to suggest how it would be an excellent plant for the water bottle packaging. From the centuries, we know how it helped in the papermaking and now, how we can get bamboo water bottle benefits.  

Bamboo Water bottle Benefits

1. Sustainability 

Because of the green source, Bamboo itself a sustainable alternative. It gives us a sustainable resource from which to produce wood for papermaking material and as well as a rigid packaging material. The rigidity inherent nature of the bamboo plant, we have to engrave as per the requirement, means bamboo water bottle or any other shape.

2. Strength of Rigid Bamboo

Bamboo has an excellent tensile strength that is greater than that of even steel. Tensile defines the strength of the material, which likely to break the material. The beauty of Bamboo is that it isn’t made to break. Instead, Bamboo goes with the flow and can bend in a strong windstorm. When stalks are cut and compressed, they can rival the strength of most steel. This strength lends itself very well to home construction purposes. These include support columns for heavy lifting and jacking operations. They can also be used for strong structural support in your home.

3. Green Source

Bamboo plant has a green footprint which can change our future. As forests remain to be cut for wood production and other needs, Bamboo can allow us an alternative to clear-cutting. Bamboo inhales more CO2 and returns us more oxygen than any average hardwood tree. So, it makes a worthy partner in challenging climate change. Besides, new techniques with Bamboo in packaging material can help with our trash problem. Whatever the container is being made now, from Bamboo, that will degrade with time as such. Contrast this with all the plastic we are currently throwing away. That plastic can’t be used for fuel anymore. It is also finding its way into our ecosystem and causing havoc. Isn’t bamboo a better way?

4. Leak-Proof Bamboo Water Bottle

It depends on human skill; how can we make the bottle leak-proof. But the features of Bamboo are available in the market and now it’s booming in the European market. Some producers are doing special lacquering for the inside and outer layers to make a complete leak-proof.

5. No Expiry date of Bamboo Water Bottle

Being a green source and no conversion from the raw material, it is just an engraving – there is a possibility of higher shelf life compared to any packaging material. Because when packaging is being produced from the raw material, there is a tendency for the breakdown in their origin. 

6. Economic Sustainability

Historically the Bamboo is not being used by strength but also as renewable prospects. So, the wood has become more and more scarce, simply because producing a full-develop tree can take a time up to sixty years, and then another sixty years’ time for a replacement. Varieties of Bamboo equal to the height and width of a tree take as little as sixty days to develop ultimately. Bamboo is also natural to grow because of the root systems. Running bamboo species are exceptionally easy to grow, as they produce several shoots at a time, and will take over as much room as they possibly can. Bamboo is also challenging to get rid of unless it is wholly plowed under. The unknown building material and resource of the future, Bamboo has had a long and rich history. It will be used for years to come in everything from housing to bedsheets, and even more, as more information is learned about this fantastic plant.

7. Bamboo without Chemical

The Bamboo plant doesn’t require any pesticide, herbicide, or fertilizer to grow. So, we can assume there will be no such inherent chemical in the rigid packaging. Thus, the packaging material will be free from chemicals.

8. Cheaper Source of Packaging

It can be a cheaper source; it depends on the availability of the material and conversion cost. But its value can be meager due to fast-growing and using in so many aspects.

9. Fast Growing Plant 

It also grows at an extraordinary rate. It is assumed that once we cut the crop, it is dead, but not in the case of the Bamboo plant. But once we cut it whole, and the plant is dead, So, replace the plant we do not to wait for 20years, it grows very fast. Compare this with Bamboo, which can develop at a 3 ft rate in 24 hours for some species.


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