Fully traceable plant-based polymers by Tetra Pak

Tetra Pak, collectively with its vendor Braskem, has now the first company in the food and beverage business to responsibly source plant-based polymers doing the Bonsucro standards for sustainable sugar cane. 

This step is another support of the company’s dedication to driving ethical and reliable business practices across global supply chains while reducing the carbon footprint of its packaging.

The statement forms part of Tetra Pak’s newly launched Planet Positive initiative, which proposes industry stakeholders to take a more comprehensive view of sustainability, developing the concept of the circular economy to a low-carbon circular economy. Then we can go beyond recycling and reuse to incorporate the carbon impact of raw materials and production. 

The application of plant-based materials such as paper and polymers significantly decreases greenhouse gas emissions. It is encouraging economic growth that is decoupled from fossil, finite sources. It used in some cartons and their closures also. Plant-based polymer supplier Braskem has now touched 100% Bonsucro approved quantities of sugarcane derived bioethanol for Tetra Pak’s plant-based solutions, setting full supply chain transparency.

The growing trend of customers requiring to do more for the planet, and they seem to brands to help. Bonsucro Chain of Custody Certification used to convey credible information to users, thereby improving our customers differentiate their products,” said Mario Abreu, VP Sustainability, Tetra Pak. The plant-based polymers are fully traceable to their sugarcane origin, and we see plant-based materials as playing a pivotal role in delivering a low-carbon circular economy. In the prospect, all polymers will use either made from plant-based materials or post-consumption recycled food grades.”

They are working with Tetra Pak for more than ten years, and Bonsucro Chain of Custody reinforces the Responsible Ethanol Sourcing Program from Braskem. So, it records the assurance and traceability of the entire sugarcane value chain, all the way back to the farmers and mills said by Gustavo Sergi, Renewable Business Unit Leader at Braskem.

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Source: TetraPak


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