How To Drop Test A Box To Determine If It’s Right For Your Business

Boxes are a great way to store and organize your belongings. However, they can sometimes be too heavy to lift by yourself. That’s where the box drop test of the box comes in!

You can use a box drop test to determine if a box is a suitable size for your business.

Boxes come in all shapes and sizes, so you must ensure that the box you choose is the right size for your needs. The box drop test can help determine if a box is too heavy or small for your business.

Fill the product in the Box

Take your chosen box drop test and place it on a flat surface to perform the box drop test. Then, fill it with as much weight as required, the same as you want to pack, using either objects or weights.

Drop Height

During material handling, a box may be dropped or thrown. If the package is not designed to accommodate such handling, its contents may be damaged. To assess the potential damage, drop tests are conducted. The height from which a package is dropped to determine the damage that may be caused is called a drop height. Adopting a scientific approach to determine the drop height can help in the optimal design of the package. 

How to know what should be drop height of the box should be?

Drop height depends predominantly on the weight of the package. This is because weight determines the handling mode, determining the typical height from which the package may be dropped. 

A package weighing less than 10kg is easy to lift and thus frequently thrown. In such a case, the drop height is usually more than a meter of 1.2m.

A package weighing 10-20kg will generally be carried by one person waist-high. The drop height may thus be approximately 0.8m.

As the weight increase, two or more people are required. They will carry the box just a few centimeters above the ground. Drop height in such a situation can be around 0.5m. The drop height further reduces for heavier packages, requiring material handling equipment like forklifts.

Drop height is given for different product weights and modes of material handling. It is seen that the more the weight, the lower the drop height. 

Which face of the box is more prone to damage when dropped?

The chances of a box being dropped on a side face or top face are not as high as a box being dropped on the bottom face. It has been observed that almost 70% of drops are on the bottom face. Usually, when a package is dropped from a significant height, it does not fall flat but tends to fall on corners or edges.

It is observed that:

  1. High drops are rarely encountered
  2. Low drops are frequent 
  3. Providing hand holes reduces drop height
  4. Small package tends to be thrown.
  5. Providing signs can minimize the tendency to drop.

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What Factors affect the Results of the Box Drop Test Box?

Many factors affect the results of the box drop test of the box. These factors include the weight and size of the box, how it is dropped, and the surface on which it lands.

The weight and size of the box are essential because they determine how much impact it has when it falls. The heavier and more extensive the box, the more impact it will have when it falls. The height it is dropped also affects its effect; a taller box will fall slower than a shorter one.

The surface on which it lands also affects its impact. A hard surface will cause more damage than a soft one, so a box dropped on an asphalt lot will have more impact than one that fell on the grass.

All these factors together determine the results of the box drop test of the box.

The box drop test of the box is a way to determine how sturdy a given package is. By performing this test, you can ensure that your boxes are safe and able to support their weight?

The box drop test is a simple way to determine how sturdy a given box is. By dropping the box from a specific height, you can measure how much force is required to cause the box to break. This information can help you choose strong enough boxes to support your weight without breaking.

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