Air Pillows – Making Plastic Redundant in Transportation by Camm

Shipping goods must arrive undamaged, making plastic packaging materials omnipresent in transportation. Now, an ecological choice has emerged: Camm Solutions’ Air Pillows. These air cushions are produced from paper and CAMM material, attaining sustainability on multiple fronts. 

The base material is a very thin, FSC-certified paper coated with a fine layer of CAMM material. The patented blend of eco-friendly materials permits disposal in the paper recycling bin. The addition of water in the recycling process causes CAMM to dissolve quickly, leaving no harmful residues like microplastics. 

“The paper fibers of our Air Pillows are 100% recyclable, while the sealing and barrier layers made of CAMM material detach without leaving any residue,” Bergstein explains. Thus, the paper fibers can be reused in high quality. “CAMM Air Pillow is the first paper-based packaging solution that is sustainable and high-performing.” Products from other providers often involve conventional plastic or bioplastic, which leaves behind microplastics or has other functional drawbacks. 

In addition to sustainability, functionality is a key feature: The CAMM Air Pillows are highly sturdy yet compressible. Compared to conventional bubble wraps, they adapt more flexibly to stress, retain air, and thus offer adequate protection to transported goods. Moreover, CAMM Air Pillows surpass pure paper solutions. “Due to their high air content, they are up to 90% lighter and use fewer resources. This is particularly relevant in the transportation sector,” says Bergstein. 

Sustainability and functionality are essential, but a natural and globally implementable alternative needs more: economic viability and scalability. “Our CAMM solution brings all these dimensions together,” Bergstein asserts. This year, up to 300,000 rolls of CAMM Air Pillows can be produced on an industrial scale – with numbers expected to rise. 

Air Pillows

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