Push-Pak New Child-Resistant Wallet Card for Blisters

Keystone Folding Box Co., an innovator and manufacturer of paperboard packaging solutions, has presented a new paperboard blister wallet with push-through opening functionality.

Perfect for hard tablets, the Push-Pak permits intuitive push-through dosage access and a tighter, more condensed blister configuration that decreases the package’s overall size. The blister wallet also provides the highest possible F=1 child resistance while staying easy to open for seniors and customers with dexterity challenges.

Its straightforward push-through design makes Push-Pak fit more medication in a smaller package using less overall material. The result is a blister wallet that is more suitable for the environment and more comfortable to transport and store (a benefit for pharmacies) while delivering ample space on the front and back for labels and instructions.

From a safety perspective, the wallet’s tear-resistant paperboard design blends with a unique perforation and nick pattern to deliver exemplary child resistance despite being simple for adults to open. Push-Pak utilizes a familiar push-through opening system, eliminating the requirement for complicated opening instructions.

Push-Pak makes on the success of Key-Pak®, the leading child-resistant medication packaging. Like Key-Pak®, Push-Pak is both reasonable and customizable to fit precise needs. Versatile and cost-effective, the wallet cards are perfect for physicians’ samples and prescription pharmaceutical products. Its collective child resistance and ease of opening make Push-Pak an attractive solution for older adults.

Push-Pak, like Key-Pak®, also carries sustainability-related advantages. The package primarily comprises paperboard made from renewable material, allowing for a minimally sized blister. As a result, Push-Pak may use up to 75% less plastic than plastic bottles when packaging the same number of tablets.

“Our F=1 child-resistant wallet card with simple push-through feature allows us to address ease of opening, sustainability, and convenience for all stakeholders,” said Ward Smith, Director of Marketing & Business Development at Keystone Folding Box Co. “Simultaneously, we can offer a smaller package design that is portable and convenient for the patient, which brand owners and healthcare professionals can appreciate.”

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