Mono-material Olives Snack Pack

“Made for Recycling”

Greek olives producer GAEA has partnered with A.Hatzopoulos S.A. for the launch of its first recyclable, mono-material olives snack pack destined for the European market. The previously conventional packaging film used for this product was completely redesigned, to meet the latest guidelines for recycling, while it maintains at the same time its high-barrier properties. The mono-material, all-PP packs have been certified by Interseroh and carry the “Made for Recycling” mark.

A. HATZOPOULOS S.A. has created a unique packaging solution for GAEA, which meets very specific customer needs and overcomes a number of challenges: high barrier properties for the olives’ freshness preservation, high performance during packaging at high-speed rates, excellent shelf-appeal for the stand-up pouch, customer convenience with reclosable packaging, design for recycling, and recyclability certification.

Mono-material – Recyclable solution based on X-CYCLETM

To withstand the packaging process, and to meet the highest standards for pack aesthetics and production efficiency, the previous generation of the packaging film for the GAEA olives pouch relied on a multi-material combination, featuring PP, PET and PE. This mixed structure, though, cannot be recycled with the mechanical recycling technologies existing today. The solution was brought by Hatzopoulos S.A. based on X-CYCLETM packaging technology.

The packaging structure was completely redesigned. The new recyclable PP-mono-material film that was finally developed enabled a smooth switch from a conventional film formulation to a recyclable one with a better environmental profile, achieving -20% plastic packaging weight reduction and resource-efficiency sustainability benefits. Machine performance, shelf-life, and recyclability testing in real conditions were all included in this structured film development process.

Certified Recyclability

The new packaging meets the CEFLEX guidelines for flexible packaging designed for recycling, which strongly recommends the replacement of existing flexible packaging with recyclable, mono-material film alternatives (where possible), in order to facilitate recycling.

The mono-material film can be easily recycled through the polypropylene recycling streams already existing in several European countries. Its recyclability has also been evaluated and verified by the independent institute Interseroh, reaching an overall “Good recyclability” grade.

The new packs carry the “Made for Recycling” label in accordance with Interseroh certification, making a clear environmental statement on the pack and engaging consumers more with recycling.

High-barrier & High-Performance

The laminate uses advanced film coating technologies to incorporate high-barrier properties against humidity and oxygen. This was a key point for the food producer to be able to guarantee the quality of a very sensitive food product in long term, extending its shelf life and thus helping food waste prevention.

In addition, the packaging film has excellent mechanical properties, achieving high production rates at a high-speed pouch packaging machine, consumer convenience with the integration of a strap for reclosability, and perfect stiffness for enhanced shelf appeal.

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