Rubber band invention could reduce PET plastic bottle volume by 80%

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Source: Ecoams Planet

A French-Israeli businessperson understands that recycling challenges acted by large quantities of plastic bottles could be significantly enhanced with a rubber band.

It is usually said that necessity is the mother of invention, but what about simplicity? According to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, there could be infinite plastic than fish (by weight) in the ocean by 2050, if existing plastic trashing trends continue. Only 14% of the world’s volumes of plastic packaging materials are gathered for recycling.
One French-Israeli businessperson, however, thinks that recycling challenges posed by considerable large quantities of plastic bottles could be significantly enhanced with a solution based on the addition of a rubber band.
Morris Amsellem, the CEO of waste solution company Ecoams Planet, revealed Bakbuk: a simplistic solution to crush plastic bottles and make recycling more comfortable for consumers and beverage companies alike. The key to the uncomplicated solution is a biodegradable rubber band strapped throughout a particular part of the bottle, which supports users to easily fold up their PET empty bottles and decrease its volume by 80%. Reducing the size, Amsellem says, will allow keen recyclers to keep space and decrease the frequency required to collect waste in the recycling bin or driving to the refuse center.

The rubber band solution, which now boasts patents in 14 countries, can be performed on any original PET plastic bottles, including those employed by the world’s leading beverage makers. Patent requests have been registered in 58 countries worldwide to date, led by Israeli patent and brand firm Ehrlich & Fenster. “Bakbuk is delivering a change in all phases of recycling: for the customer, it is simple and effective to use. It decreases the frequency of throwing [bottles] into the recycling container by a factor of five, and presents an enormous ecological response to catastrophic plastic pollution worldwide,” said Amsellem. “Moreover, for the recycling company, it decreases the number of journeys to recycling stations, lesser transportation, and compression costs. And it usually increases efficiency and productivity. For the refreshment companies, it gives solutions for sustainable development, a ‘circular economy’ solution. And a solution that connected to customers.”
The company is now talking to introduce its solution in bottles marketed by significant beverage manufacturers. And thereby lead the innovation immediately to consumers’ households. Amsellem’s applications are launched by a positive entrepreneurial track record, having a $21 million sales of a simple plant watering system in 2006 to a French public company. According to a US poll carried for Ecoams Planet by Ipsos, 91% of customers said that a solution decreasing the volume of large drinking bottles by 75-80% was a significant innovation. A total of 69% said they would be responsible for spending at least one cent extra on a shrinkable plastic drinking PET bottle, including 12% who said they would be ready to spend more than five cents extra on such a product.




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