Packaging with Mushroom

Swedish retail furniture business IKEA published, it sees into mushrooms-based packaging to discontinued polystyrene. And a non-biodegradable packaging plastic that ends up in landfills.

IKEA’s sustainability chief in the United Kingdom, Joanna Yarrow – who was addressing at a sustainability conference in London.

“A lot of goods packed in polystyrene, normally, which can’t be – or is very complicated to recycle,” Yarrow told the Telegraph.

The Swedish business said we are staring at organizations like Ecovative Design. A United States-based startup exploring the commercial production of sustainable material.

As shown in this 2-minute video, Ecovative creates this eco-friendly packaging. By combining agricultural waste such as corn husks with mycelium, a part of mushrooms, which unites the materials. It provides the packaging to easily mixed with soil and decay within weeks.

The video also examines the manufacturing process and science behind the compostable packaging.

Developed in 2007 by Ecovative Design, Mushroom® Packaging is made from mycelium and is a high performing packaging solution, cost-compPacketitive with conventional foams, and 100% home compostable.

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