Aptar innovates the New Bi-Colored Textured Caps for Dry Herbs and Spices Bottles

Aptar Food & Beverage Division introduced a dispensing solution in the food business, has started a new bi-textured and bi-colored closure design for the new ‘Eurojar’ brand of McCormick & Company.

First launched in May 2018 in the UK for the Schwartz brand & in December 2018 in France with the brand Ducros.
The new Euro-jar custom-designed cap by Aptar will show the creativity in kitchens globally and match customers’ expectations for quality, comfort, and freshness.
Caps manufactured at Aptar’s plant in Torello, Spain, the new closure options leverages bi-injection technology to produce a multi-color and multi-texture finish, make it attracting to the brand on store shelves and providing consumers a better dispensing experience with a secure grip, and one-hand opening.
Sound “click” can help to assure resealability and boost freshness, while the active joint provides a hygienic pouring experience.

Colors were designed to keep in mind for McCormick to give a bold and modern look, assisting with flavor recognition on the rack and at residence.
So, Four different shades identify McCormick spices: orange for spices, bright green for herbs, purple for seasoning mixes and grey for pepper.

McCormick was known for the design of its new Euro-jar starring the latest closure, which won first prize in the customer products category at a 2018 French packaging awards ceremony.


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