Smart water bottle – Keeps you update

Smart water bottles light Pop-up and vibrate when it’s time to drink.
The fitness and wellness activities are expanding – and also related tech too. There are many new fitness trackers, applications, and other smart devices accessible to create to help you take regular care of your body and mental wellbeing.

Earlier, also be the more focus on wellbeing but currently more integrated approach of tech and body. Like Fitbit, Apple, many brands are in the market, which keeps you track all the activity – sleeping, swimming, running, cycling, etc.

One more name added in tracker which is “smart water bottle”. Most of you’re thinking: do we want a smart water bottle? But again, we live in the tech world.

Does smart technology assist you in achieving your hydration goals?

How do smart water bottles work?

Smart water bottle keeps sufficiently hydrated is vital to your good health, and now you can control your development using this new-school way of drinking water and staying well.
This 24oz Hydration bottle with Smart Lid is worked in combination with the Thermos Smart Lid app that maps your water intake and gives you with a live-time reading of the temperature of your drink.
Smart Lid technology having sensors based app to sync your data with your phone or other electronic gadgets so you can keep track of your growth on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Ready to connect this smart hydration bottle to your Fitbit® account? Let’s get our drink on.

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