Volpak prepares up for the first-ever recyclable paper pouch

Packaging sustainability is shifting towards fully-recyclable solutions all over the world. This action comes in acknowledgment to new regulations on environmental pollution, as well as more eco-friendly user functions. So, Volpak has unveiled a brand new packaging technology that enables customers to create flexible pouches made of 100% recyclable paper.

The latest technology by Volpak is the first of its kind, exploring a market transformation in the direction of flexible pouching explications that are also eco-friendly. With some types rules and regulations of plastics promptly to be banned in several countries, the new Volpak equipment also replies to a developing necessity among companies globally to adopt paper-based, or another type of recyclable material, for the packaging.

The new method is available on modern machines, with the choice of introducing it on existing Volpak machines as an upgrade. The retrofit allows overall enhanced sealing continuity and equipment, having a type of format options for the pouch design. Thanks to the alteration, the machine converts the existing production line into a fully recyclable one.


Vihaan Nagal

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