Innovative eco-friendly garments packaging to overcome the single-use plastic by Seaman Paper

Eco-friendly Clothing Packaging

Sustainability is at the essence of everything we do here at Seaman Paper. That why we are so excited to launch our Vela brand, which is dedicated to producing paper alternatives to plastic packaging.

We also introduce the brand’s inaugural product with this launch Vela bags, a series of transparent paper bags designed to substitute single-use plastic poly bags. Our purpose is to reduce plastic from supply chains.

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FSC certified paper for clothing packaging

Made of FSC-certified paper, the Vela bags are recyclable, durable, and transparent, giving an efficient and sustainable alternative to plastic, including, amongst other uses, defending apparel products, ultimately the supply chain.
“Sustainability is implanted in Seaman Paper’s culture, and the Vela brand is the most advanced step in our mission to implement alternatives to and ultimately reduce – single-use plastics,” said Seaman Paper CEO Ken Winterhalter. ” Vela bags provide a useful, high-quality solution for the apparel and other industries that permits brands and others to promote sustainability without reducing efficiency.”

clothing packaging ideas, eco-friendly clothing packaging, clothing packaging bags, vela bags

Features of clothing packaging bags

The Vela bags are strong and weather-resistant to protect products from humidity, moisture, and dust in transition. Vela bags are also transparent, providing for visual inspection of packaged products and standard barcode scanning. The resealable strip facilitates the bag to close and open many times.

clothing packaging ideas, eco-friendly clothing packaging, clothing packaging bags, vela bags

Why eco-friendly clothing packaging ideas?

Knowing the importance of designing a plastic-free supply chain, prominent apparel producers such as Faherty, Outerknown, and Mara Hoffman have performed using Vela bags in their operations. “As a brand that invents daily about our environmental impact, the use of plastic poly bags has always been a discomfort point for us,” says Faherty Co-founder and Chief Impact Officer Kerry Docherty. “We are so excited that Vela invented a product that helps solve the plastic pollution problem of poly bags in the apparel industry.”

clothing packaging ideas, eco-friendly clothing packaging, clothing packaging bags, vela bags

Repeating that sentiment, Outerknown Founder and 11-time World Surf League Champion Kelly Slater said, “Partnering with Vela on the first-ever FSC-certified tissue bag for garments is a different innovative win for both Outerknown and the ocean, as we are sincerely committed to reducing the use of original plastic and assuring we keep it out of our oceans.”
Experiencing Outerknown’s stance, Mara Hoffman’s VP of Sustainability, Product, and Strategy Dana Davis combined, “We transitioned to Vela’s FSC-certified tissue bags because the infrastructure to accurately recycle paper is much more developed than the infrastructure to recycle soft plastic. We believe that customers and stores will correctly recycle these bags at their end-of-life to keep the material out of landfills.”
In connection with the introduction of the Vela and its paper bags, Seaman Paper has also launched www.vela.Eco, a digital platform dedicated to giving education about the positive environmental and social impacts of removing plastic from various industries and tracking other related initiatives’ progress.
Brands seeing for eco-friendly clothing packaging can find a variety of opportunities in our sustainable packaging solutions catalog.
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