New Sustainable liquid refill packaging by ALPLA

Eco-friendly refill packaging

Refill containers are becoming frequently famous for cleaning products. The causes why are plain to see. They are small and light, utilize significantly less plastic, decrease freight expenses by up to 90 percent and let complicated spray bottles be reused.
With NOW, ALPLA is performing an ideal packaging solution for concentrated cleaning chemicals. Besides the numerous environmental advantages, it also offers different added value: it is safe, easy, and fun for customers.

Smart and safe Liquid refills Packaging

Various cleaning products consist substantially of water. It is an excellent plan to implement the actual ingredients in a fixed form, both ecologically and economically.
ALPLA has developed a different solution for this application in the way of now. The packaging solution consists of two ingredients:
  • A short bottle with liquid concentrate. The snap lid developed primarily for it features a planned breaking point, it still seals the bottle carefully.
  • Minimalist neck inset: the inset is included in the cleaner bottle and allowed for a simple press through the planned breaking point. The neck inset rests in the bottle’s neck while the spray mouthpiece can be screwed back on without a problem.
All the customers need to do is following the guidance on the refill container. The little bottle is plunged headfirst onto the cleaner bottle. The concentrate flows carefully and cleanly into the bottle after an audible click. When used accurately, it is impossible to spill the concentrated liquid and confront undesired contact with the skin. The process is accomplished by adding water.

Sustainable refill packaging

NOW consistently realizes the three essential principles of the circular economy: Reduce, reuse, and recycle.
Reduce: NOW, it is ultra-lightweight. The box weighs only 10 grams when filled with 80 milliliters, around half the competitor products weight for concentrates. Compare to containers for ready-to-use cleaning products, and this packaging solution protects even more than 80 percent of the material otherwise used. Thanks to the lightweight and minimum size, freight expenses are also reduced by up to 90 percent. More than 2,00,000 refill containers can be moved by a single truck, and a lorry only has space for around 19,000 spray bottles. Spray bottles, refill boxes are much better than e-commerce delivery.
The nearby size also offered benefits for customers. If household cleaners are more frequently bought during large grocery runs, refill containers can be picked up on the spur of the instant at any time without having to be carried back on foot or by bicycle.
Reuse: many household cleaning products sport massive and elaborate packaging, which is applied to spray bottles in a particular way. However, the spray bottles release a volume of about 1.5 milliliters per pump and become rubbish after about 300 pumps, even if they are still usable. With refill solutions for those cleaning products, spray bottles can be reused again and again. The inset must press through the planned breaking point in the closure, stay in the bottle, and reuse it.
Recycle: NOW (ALPLA) it is made 100 percent of high-density polyethylene (HDPE). The empty container is entirely recyclable and can be disposed of in the recycling sack or bin. Regarding the refill container is connected headfirst onto the cleaning product bottle, the left contents are discharged optimally. Recycled HDPE can be used to produce the refill container and making a bottle-to-bottle life cycle possible. 
The concentrate runs safely and cleanly into the bottle after an emphatic click.

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