Woodly – Wood-based plastics

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100% Wood-Based Plastic

Woodly Ltd is a Finland based technology business, a pioneer company in wood-based plastics. Their strategy is based on science and proven technology. Their commercial product is a new kind of wood cellulose-based, carbon-neutral, recyclable, and transparent plastic – Woodly.

From granular to end-products

The Woodly goods are accessible in a granular form suitable for raw materials in plastics manufacturing. Several different material grades are available, suited for other plastic processing methods and end-products. Woodly is safe to use for food packaging and complies with EU regulations.
The Woodly material grades and the end products take place through close partnerships with industrial businesses. The role is to develop materials technology and support their partners’ sales and marketing operations.

Fully 100% renewable plastics

To maintain the planet for future generations, humankind must transition from a fossil-based economy to a bio-based market. In layman’s terms, this means, rather than crude oil, it needs to use renewable resources such as wood, sugars, and fats to produce plastics. However, this solely is not enough since, in 2019, we already used 50% more of the renewable resources than the planet provided for us during that year. It is not enough to replace fossil-based plastics with plastics made from renewable sources – we must also find ways to keep the raw materials in circulation longer.
The vision of 100% renewable plastics will be achieved through material innovation and extensive recycling. Their mission is to accelerate the plastics economy’s shift to a sustainable future by bringing wood-based and recyclable Woodly to the market.

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