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The chicken sector sees an expansion in demand for more sustainable packaging and more reliable products. It is currently the standard in all sectors; this is precisely what Tight-Chicken(TM) offers; ULMA Packaging’s newest innovative development assures that chickens reach stores perfectly packaged.

Tight-Chicken ensures that the bag suits the product like a second skin, overcoming the risk of leaks and securing that the goods arrive at stores according to relevant hygiene regulations. 

Acknowledgments to this innovative solution, produced using vertical wrapper machines, ULMA Packaging gives a system based on the Tight-Bag concept to its clients in the chicken sector; this system extracts air with no demand for perforating the packaging, decreasing the amount of plastic used, lowering the cost of labor and delivering a safer and more appealing product.

Aesthetic appeal of the product 

Tight-Chicken appears very appealing packaging with an excellent finish. It is leak-proof packaging that guarantees compliance with the relevant hygiene regulations for fresh, frozen, or marinated chickens and chickens added with sauce.

Optimization of the packaging 

According to processing the products, the Tight-Chicken packaging solution gives clear benefits. It decreases the packaging surface area and the number of staff needed and overcomes the time and cost of freezing products. The product can be stored automatically or semi-automatically. 

No offensive smells or contaminating liquids.

The packaging system ensures compliance with the hygiene regulations and the excellent conditions from the store’s distribution chain and arrives at consumers’ homes. There is no unpleasant smells and with no contaminating liquid leaks.

More sustainable packaging 

Adding, cutting the labor cost, packaging chickens with Tight-Chicken enables us to do away with metal clips and decrease the amount of plastic used compared to traditional packaging solutions. 

ULMA’s innovative solution confirms that its weight remains unchanged, assuring that its sale price continues the same and that it does not require to be packaged again at the point of sale.

Production of up to 35 units per minute

The Tight-Chicken packaging solution is based on Tight-Bag technology. It is ready on ULMA’s VTI 400VTI 500, and VTI 600 vertical wrappers. Products can be packaged in hot air and water shrink-wrapping tunnels or simply a hot air shrink-wrapping tunnel. PE shrink wrap is used as the packaging material, and up to 35 packages can be produced per minute.

Semi-automatic or automatic packaging process

The packaging process can be synchronized with the chicken conveyor belt, using a fully-automatic system or a semi-automatic system with manual loading.

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