Safe, Secure & Sustainable handling of 200L drum with DrumGuard Quattro MultiLoad

Safe, Secure & Sustainable handling

When we load a 200L drum onto the pallet, it needs to be secure properly for delivery. The clients expect to receive products safely, in good condition, and without damage. Often this is performed by using large quantities of load ensuring materials such as stretch or shrink wrap and strapping. Complete Proper load securing is not only a legal basis but also secures your reputation, reduces costs, and improves efficiency.

DrumGuard Quattro Multi load

It is the first product of its kind; the DrumGuard® Quattro Multi load securing system drastically overcomes the issue of single-use plastic waste while delivering exceptional cargo protection. Whether transportation by land, air, or sea, the DrumGuard is accredited according to international standards and meets EUMOS 40509 regulations.

Existing Vs. Proposed

The DrumGuard arrangement consists of only two parts and can be fixed 95% faster than traditional load securing methods. It can ensure pallets whenever and wherever, without investing in stationary tools. It’s also quick and simple to remove once the unit load safely reaches its destination.

Collection Site Worldwide

And to help it accomplish your sustainability goals, the DrumGuard was created with reusability in mind. Mauser Packaging Solutions has the most comprehensive return network in the industry, with more than 100 used packaging collection sites worldwide. Through its collection and reuse program, it can make sure the DrumGuard® finds its way back to you.

The DrumGuard Quattro Multi can be used on the following products:

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