Paper Bottle Community: New start to end Single-use plastic

Many companies have launched the futurist approach to the usage of paper-based solutions. Like CarlsbergCoca-cola and L’oreal have joined the paper bottle community to replace the single-use bottle.

Sustainable plastic bottle development has been representative of the sustainability progress in recent years. It indicative proof that global strategies for consumption and disposal are advanced. A million plastic containers made every second globally, and this expected to grow by 20% by 2021.

Maximum plastic bottles use for drinks and water, and more for alcohol. And, because 480 billion plastic drinking bottles sold in 2016, the customers who communicate with them are well conscious of the adverse impacts that occur when bottles trash as a landfill into the environment.
Whatever we create the plastic item, approximately we could collect 30% of this generated plastic. It means we are unable to get the 100% recycling and finished up with a chocked river and polluted sea. The main thing about this ban, to aware of society why it is essential. And need to rethink plastic disposal and how much havoc situation will be in the future.
A world without garbage needs recyclability, but most importantly, it needs partnering and everybody who has a share in this and requires to play a task in making it happen.
If, in the future, we are a functioning community without single-use plastic bottles, then it may well be that a cold October morning in the heart of Copenhagen is the day signaled by archivists as the commencement of the end for plastic bottles.
So far, the Paper Bottle Community altogether of the producers of the prototypes and the end-user companies. For paper bottles to succeed in the circular economy – possibly even pushing plastic bottles out of circulation altogether.


Vihaan Nagal

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