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VPK Packaging created a box for e-bike packaging for Cowboy. We have provided an innovative sustainable solution, ideal for e-commerce.

Cowboy is a recent start-up of Belgian origin E-bike. Cities are demanding sustainable and cost-effective mobility within and outside the city. 

Ergonomics and comfort of use extended to packaging

To give the cyclist the best cycling comfort, the natural and tactile design of the e-bike reflected in the most miniature of details. For example, the e-bike automatically responds whether to give more or less support based on the terrain and wanted speed. It was remarkable that the packaging represented for ease of use and premium quality, managing sustainability in mind.

Jointly exercise with the Coyboy, including brainstorming sessions with our plan and innovation design, VPK Packaging done detailed study of packaging with various trump cards.

  • The locating of four gripping at the proper position for delivery and the end customer. The strip of tape used inside for reinforced.
  • No scissors required to open the box packaging. It is just by simply pulling a tab.
  • Best in class for unpacking; the buyer does not have to raise his bicycle out of the box, but can turn it out of the packaging via a front “door.”
  • The packaging can be immediately given back by using a locking system that consists particularly of corrugated cardboard, making it ideal for recycling.
  • During transit, the e-bike packaging remains intact and perfectly shielded and securely in place in corrugated cardboard enclosures intended for fixation.
  • The unpacking activity is enhanced by a separate. And the smaller package that precisely displays all the accessories at a look when opened.

Its combination of ergonomic design, the graphic design with its smooth two-color printing also assures sublime brand support. A whole idea in form and print to correctly show the brand values.

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