A Bike Company Decrease Damage Done By Couriers By Printing Flatscreen TVs On Its Boxes


The Dutch company has seen damages done to its goods while deliveries drop less 80% after impressing the image of TVs on the boxes of cycle packed.

Possibilities are pretty much everyone knowing this has fallen foul of a package arriving in pretty poor shape. It is believed that the information of what is inside a package must assume how a person performs the delivering. If the “fragile” printed over it in big red letters, then we’d hope our delivery person will take notice and be a little more careful with it. But again, not confirmed to not having the chances of it arriving in one piece.

VanMoof, a Dutch bike organization, is proof that couriers and delivery workers take some extra precaution of a package to think something fragile is inside.

There is one important issue see with VanMoof’s plan “they’ve told the world, TVs printed on the side contain bikes.” The company originally planned on keeping its secret well, secret, but after the idea was leaked on Twitter, they decided to lean into it. Hopefully, the courier world won’t be clued in. We won’t tell if you don’t.




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