Recycling and Reducing Waste program by Starbucks

Recycling and Reducing Waste program by Starbucks-PackagingGURUji

Starbucks is dedicated to significantly decreasing waste – especially when we talk about recycling.

A goal is set by 2015 we plan to have recycling available in all stores where can control waste accumulating and serve 25% of beverages in reusable cups.

Recycling in Stores

Many stores are having the recycling of waste at least one time. Recycling is on the availability of commercial recycling assistance where our stores are established.
However, still having the center on what we can do and how it will work with others to make recycling accessible and also for the customers.

Greener Cups

Over the years Starbucks has started several leads help to decrease the environmental impact of our disposable cups.



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