What is useful at using recycled plastics?

The ideas to utilize recycled plastics in new products are numerous, among other environmental and economic benefits. Businesses can reduce the carbon footprint of their products by adopting recycled plastics, while the costs of material recovery can also be reduced in some situations. The suitability of recycled plastics may also incorporate other competitive advantages for companies such as enhancing their corporate image, developing green marketing, and introduction to new markets, encouraging eco-innovation and planning for future environmental laws/regulation within the structure of the circular economy.

Recycling for food packaging
Today it is feasible to use recycled plastics in packaging and other products expected to be packaging for a food product — it following a set of conditions laid down by countries legislation. The usage of recycled plastics in food packaging is an innovative application with tremendous potential. Particularly, if we consider that nearly 40 % of the plastics used in Europe. And the food packaging serves about 70 % of the plastic packaging business.
In this current situation, businesses in the food packaging sector must understand the legislation regulating. And the use of recycled plastics for such purposes, what requirements the suppliers must meet, and what specifications customers required.
We need to determine what has to develop, examined, measured, analyzed, and listed to comply with the legislation. And need to understand and recognize the different conditions that may occur and how to resolve each one.
Many versions are available in the market to recycle effectively and efficiently.
  1. Chemical Recycling
  2. Mechanical recycling
Chemical Recycling: With this chemical recycling, the same plastic recovered within the material cycle – the carbon includes can thereby be reused. So, chemical recycling could complement mechanical recycling. 
Mechanical Recycling: Mechanical recycling involves grinding, washing, and reprocessing segregated plastic scrap back into granulate form.
So, we all have to analyze the recycled material benefits to the environment and public perspectives.

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