Create your packaging with recyclable paperboard

Users demand brands to give better experiences with less environmental carbon-footprint. Brand owners and converters pledged to promote sustainability, recyclable paperboard, and efficiency. And they seem for more reliable solutions and partners who can innovate with them to continually improve. With Packaging examination & layout expertise combined with the lightweight paperboard, can help consumers create More reliable with Less: Better customer experiences with less environmental impression.

What does this mean for packaging? 
It involves leading from excess to less, making packaging lighter, more functional, more performance stability, and more sustainable. It can support brand goals and delighting the simultaneous consumer.
The packaging technologist assists you in creating packaging that encourages better business with an upgraded sustainability footprint.
Let the design do the talking
The packaging and design assistance are varying from material and structural analysis and modification of existing packaging to a fully-customized design completed with graphics that maximize performance, sustainability, logistic efficiency, and provides excellent consumer experiences that contribute to the success of the brand.
Paperboards can use in numerous imaginative and creative forms. Many inspiring stories behind the creative packaging designs or typical applications. It provides new ideas in providing your solutions using the paperboards. 
Many companies are there having expertise for your unique requirements to help you do better with less. The packaging analysis and design services can further assist you in optimizing packaging in terms of brand impression, sustainability, and functionality.
It ensures that your packaging does to the best possible level from packaging material, design, cost, and sustainability aspects. 
Likewise, proactively suggest new solutions, a new study, and new materials as better options for your current packaging.
Study includes:
  • The light-weighting analysis – suggests a lighter solution with a material economy calculation based on its weighing.
  • Packaging performance analysis – proposes to your current packaging an enhanced solution with a mock-up from our material.
  • Packaging design – gives a new design solution, including graphical and fundamental, eco-design, and brand development and packaging trends.
  • Bio-design trend – Many companies have transformed its packaging to the bio-material or recycled material.
How can we check the sustainability goal?
In simple words, we have to check the carbon footprint.

Vihaan Nagal

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