Biocomposite lids trials by Stora Enso and Valio for dairy products

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Source: Stora Enso and Valio
Stora Enso and Valio – dairy company, give 10 000 wood-fiber-based biocomposite lid to inspire customers to diminish their food waste.

The reusable biocomposite lid also pilots a new biocomposite food packaging purpose. The lids will be given at Valio’s sales displays in Finland during January 2020.

Approximately one-third of the food provided in the world for human consumption gets thrown off or wasted every year. This wastes resources and generates additional greenhouse gas emissions contributing to global warming. The packaging and the lid – perform an essential role in decreasing food loss and waste by preserving the food items during transportation and storage.
“With this pilot design, Stora Enso aspires to encourage people to practice small concrete actions to limit food waste. The biocomposite lid serves to cover any leftover crème Fraiche and quark in the cups, and that way to stop food waste,” says Jussi-Pekka Lumme, Packaging Development Manager at Valio.
Fiber-based Biocomposite lid alternative to plastics
The co-operation also means to trial whereby a biocomposite works when coupled with a regular food package. The reusable lids formed of enduring and hygienic DuraSense by Stora Enso biocomposite material. It is a combination of wood fibers and polymers. DuraSense benefits to replace plastics in a broad category of products. Comparative has a lower carbon footprint, which performs a climate-friendly choice to fully fossil-based plastics.
“Valio was the first in the world to begin doing fully plant-based one-liter milk packages in the carton in 2015. In 2018, Valio transformed all of our 250 million gable-top milk, yogurt, cream, and sour milk containers to fully plant-based carton. These cartons are the replacement of extensive work where Valio aims for carbon-neutral milk, i.e., resetting milk’s carbon footprint in 2035. Now, Valio resumes to explore new package innovation potentialities that can try out and execute,” says Jussi-Pekka Lumme.
Stora Enso acknowledgment with new packaging solutions 
Stora Enso sees a strong requirement for climate-friendly food packaging, where well-established brands are seeking for eco-friendly solutions. Collectively with our clients and brand owners, Stora Enso actively generating new innovative solutions to boost food chains to return to user demands for sustainable alternatives,” says Hannu Kasurinen, Head of Packaging Materials at Stora Enso.


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