Round box with a bio-degradable material for PIZZA

At Zume, the engineer set out for sustainable food packaging. So, we are excited and humbled that the team at Pizza Hut, a legacy innovator in the pizza business and food delivery, when the world is looking for a packaging solution that could intensify their customers’ food experience while also taking responsibility for the planet.

We set our world-class design, production, and sustainability teams to work to adhere to the special hot, fast, and strong qualities synonymous with Pizza Hut’s brand. We operated jointly with Pizza Hut to design countless variants and features while testing different types of plant-based elements, analyzing how they presented in-store, at home, in delivery, and under different conditions. 
We’re pleased to introduce Pizza Hut’s new round box – an industrially compostable packaging option to cardboard that’s made of plant fiber and created to maintain the hot and crispy integrity of an oven-fresh pizza — entirely made in the USA.
  • Round box with a bio-degradable material for PIZZA Hot and Crispy: Pizza Hut’s round box has ribs and grooves that begin to a central annular recess – retaining hot air in and cold air out. It also highlights a secure lid with a snap-fit closure to retain heat. Also, the ridges endure a pizza box up from the bottom, which keeps the temperature and creates airflow and thus separation from fats and moisture, maintaining the crust crispy.
  • Plant-Based Materials for a Pizza Box: Pizza Hut’s round box made of sustainably collected plant fiber with a soft finish, giving a rich and industrially compostable alternative to cardboard.
  • Ready to Serve, Fold, and Compost: It can flip the top lid supporting the bottom to raise the pizza and serve to guests. When finished, it can fold inside a small, at-home countertop bin before composted in an industrial facility. 
  • Easy to Collect and Deliver: Cardboard boxes attain in a flat pack and have to collect. The round box with pre-molded, available to use, and holds up less storage space — it providing easier handling at the restaurant and throughout the delivery experience.

Vihaan Nagal

संवेष्टन अभियान्ता | Packaging Engineer | Verpackung Ingenieur *Free time blogger *Believe in packaging reform (say naa to orthodox packaging) My life lies between degradable and non-degradable material.

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