Fastest Biodegradability Bioska film by Walki

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Source: Walki

It’s a verified experiment: the biodegradability of Walki’s Bioska films are amongst the fastest on the market. The Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) has led studies to map the biodegradability of bio-based and biodegradable plastics. 

Walki Plastiroll´s Bioska films were an example of those plastics that had the fastest biodegradability.

Fastest Biodegradability
Biodegradable plastics material acknowledged as a vital solution in the battle against plastic waste in our seas. Besides these, there was limited research on how biodegradable packaging materials perform in marine conditions.
Due to a long project, Ubinam project, SYKE examined numerous of different biodegradable films and materials, both practically outside and lab tests. Also, within these investigations, SYKE examined Walki’s new transparent packaging films called Bioska 501 and Bioska+. Samples of the material fixed in the Baltic Sea on the southwest coast of Finland for six, respectively, 12 months. The study determined that the Bioska films had one of the fastest biodegradability: and nothing left of the materials already after six months.
An additional laboratory test confirmed the results. The same substances were studied in a one-month long laboratory trial. The conclusions were in line with the sea tests: the materials biodegraded rapidly.
“These outcomes are very reassuring as EU is challenging conventional plastic with many new directives, including plastic product bans, some coming into force already 2020 Jani Avellan, R&D Director, Innovations.


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