Why recycled number 7 is not so specific for plastic?

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A big question. 

Why we can’t give the specific number to the other category of plastic.  

The identification number is there on the plastic container and film i.e., from 1 to 7 digit. But don’t you think it needs to be more specific for the other category (i.e., 7no.) plastic. Typically, we imprint on the plastic surface as per material property either by embossed or surface printing. If the plastic container made with the LDPE plastic, we give four numbers with recycled marks. But, what about other plastic category recycled number 7. 
For any recycling, the first requirement to identify the plastic character, and then only we can proceed for the particular plastic grade recycling.
But if we put recycling number 7, a recycler person not in the position to think about the plastic category, whether it’s biodegradable, composite, recycled, and compost plastic.
The 7 number is given to all types of plastic, which is not falling in the category of top 6, i.e., composite or co-ex plastic.
Why recycler has the issues?
During plastic recycling, the recycler department has to separate the plastic on their category basis. The category plastic from 1 to 6 has definite recycling in their class. The recycler made it recycle and form the granules of recycled plastic with the recycling process. Then the recycled granules send to the bottle and film manufacturer; the production department uses recycled pellets with the virgin material based on the requirement. The market trend is 15 to 20% recycled plastic, 5 to 10% pinch of plastic, and 75 to 80% virgin material. But again, this is on the agreed condition between the supplier and client approval.
But again, if we want to recycle plastic number 7, what will be the recycling methodology? Can we use the recycling process as such conventional methods? The answer is no.


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