Recyclable pallet with an innovative feature by Plasgad

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Recyclable pallet with an innovative feature by Plasgad

The PG1090 is Plasgads‘ new multi-industries logistic pallet, designed explicitly for sophisticated logistics systems. The pallet is created to fit conveyors and automatic systems and allows the highest strength and uncompromising safety. The pallets can withstand many work cycles and is entirely recyclable, an essential advantage for companies authorized to sustainability and environmental safeguard.

Fully customizable

The pallet’s size is 1200X1000mm/48X40in, and it is also available in a wide range of forms to suit every customer’s particular logistic requirements. The PG1090 provides in 3- or 5-skid formats, with an open and closed deck.
It has a racking capability of up to 750kg/1653lb without metal reinforcements. If needed, the pallet’s racking capacity can be upgraded by adding metal bars. The metal bars can be attached in two configurations: the “H” configuration for static loads, which gives a racking capacity of up to 1200kg/2646lb and assures more excellent stability during the collection process or support three vertical metal bars and which make the pallet suitable for dynamic loads of up to 2 tons/4410lb.

Complete more than a packaging and shipping solution

To streamline the supply series methods and save money, time, and workforce, pallets can be equipped with technological add-ons to perform all the necessary information about the goods, ultimately the process. The pallets can be followed in different ways: Adding a barcode label, setting a QR code, and embedding an RFID sticker in a selected area on the pallet. Moreover, you have the opportunity of adding a GPS/IoT tracking device to ensure efficient tracking on demand. 
All these points contribute to a properly managed and more confident inventory as part of efficient distribution processes.

Features and advantages

The pallets come with voluntary safety rims of three various heights, one of which is tailored to fit plastic crates perfectly. Furthermore, we developed an adequate solution for a well-known “weakest link” for many of our customers: the problem of slipping goods. We give two solutions that prevent slipping: Anti-slip strips placed along with the pallet and the choice of adding anti-slip rubbers to support interests and check them from slipping off the forklift.
The pallet can be washed easily and quickly and is hygienically safe without any risk of pest infiltration. Besides, the pallet is reusable and can withstand hundreds of work cycles. These strong and durable pallets have expressed a high cost/benefit ratio compared to alternative clarifications currently available in the market.

Iftah Poran, VP R&D at Plasgad, says: “The PG1090 is an innovative pallet which allows an optimal solution for logistics systems. It is a durable and robust pallet, which will provide our customers peace of mind and eliminate the need to deal with random work processes. Its considerable advantage is the ability to make specific adjustments based on every customer’s particular needs, so we can say that we have developed a single solution that can meet a wide range of conditions. Also, 1090 is an excellent example of Plasgad’s values.
We produce, manufacture, and sell reusable plastic packaging and shipping solutions since 1982. We are a member of the circular economy and seek to enhance our environmental impact while helping our customers to decrease their footprint.”

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