Recycled Corrugated fiberboard for the packaging of seafood

All seafood journey looks different but has at least one thing in common: seafood goes completed a lot before it ends up at the dinner table, not to consider the packaging that the fish arrives in. To decrease its carbon footprint, Premium of Iceland chose more climate-friendly fish boxes to transport fresh fish in. With that, they are sending out a clear message: sustainability matters in this business.

In the northern part of the Atlantic lies the volcanic island of Iceland with its warm springs and dramatic nature, dotted with many natural wonders like the Blue Lagoon, Gullfoss Waterfall, and the latest eruption on Reykjanes. With its fantastic nature and cultural history, Iceland is a place that breathes the very most useful of nature. Along the seafront of the country, there are fish processing plants of different sizes, from small self-employed to large international companies.

Fish processing company Premium of Iceland is based in a small town called Sandgerði outside of the Reykjanes peninsula. They maintain working with only the very best quality fish, good product presentation, using climate-friendly packaging where probable, and reducing the use of plastic in the fishing industry. The premium of Iceland now packs a large part of their fresh fish products in EcoFishBoxes, the carbon footprint of which is much smaller compared to the traditional plastic option. Their choice is supporting to reduce the use of plastics in the fish industry.

Fish packaging adds value to premium seafood.

The collaboration of Premium of Iceland and Stora Enso started back in 2019. In the start, Premium of Iceland was looking for a traditional fish packaging to pack two fish fillets in every box for their customers in Europe. The conventional solutions available did not work for that purpose. Since premium of Iceland reached out to Stora Enso to figure out a more reliable solution that could fit their customer’s requirements. The result was a custom-made waterproofed corrugated cardboard box, and it was well-received on the market. Their customers were affected by the packaging, appearance, and recyclability, and it translated into increased sales for Premium of Iceland. Their goal is to ship all salmon and cod they produce in EcoFishBoxes.

A premium of Iceland Ehf. Gylfi Þór Markússon says:

“It has been a bit of an adventure and great success since we started using EcoFishBox. Our buyers welcomed it, as everyone wants to be as climate-friendly as possible. It is made mainly of renewable wood fiber, and we are proud to be part of that tree-for-tree chain. We recommend the entire fishery sector to now examine whether it can do better for the climate!”

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