Know How FASTENERSYNC™ software – Developed by National Wooden Pallet and Container Association (NWPCA)

This program is designed to illustrate the performance of fasteners such as nails, staples, etc. with the pallet. It foretells the pallet performance as per the specification of a fastener (type, length, diameter, etc.) and wood (species, moisture content, board thickness).
FastenerSync™ provides an entire specification of a fastener and then calculates the withdrawal resistance and parallelly shear resistance in a pallet combination. That gives the business an apple to apple correlation between two fasteners and indicates which could lead to improved pallet performance.

The software also permits fastener companies to “tweak” fastener specs during product improvement & development, explaining to us how a variation might enhance performance. The documentation presented by FastenerSync™ is clear and acknowledged. It measures all the components needed to match to the minimum fastener provisions in the Uniform Standard for Wood Pallets.


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