Gerresheimer innovates Luer lock Gx RTF syringe

Gerresheimer is continuously advancing new concepts for internal coating, needle mounting, other materials aspects.

It makes metal-free syringes, which is reduced tungsten residues as well as polymer syringes. By connecting these products with innovative syringe system elements such as fluoropolymer-coated plungers or the patented, integrated Luer lock closure system, complete systems are innovated and perfectly harmonized to the therapeutic area and the active substance.

Glass syringe without metal

Traces of tungsten or other metals can sometimes reside in the drilled hole when the cone of a syringe is mold, which can cause issues. 

So, a need for pre-fillable syringe systems that ideally eliminate the chance of tungsten impurities, especially for drugs based on bioengineered active substances. Gerresheimer has given an innovative, pending patent production technology and making it’s metal-free 1 ml long Luer lock Gx RTF syringe ready for series production. It is likely to give the process to other Luer lock syringe sizes or Luer cone syringes of different sizes at any time. 

In the new technology, the mandrel applied for cone forming no more sustained consists of the tungsten or alternative metal used, but a particular type of ceramic. Bio-Compatibility research was also taken out to confirm the harmlessness of the ceramic material itself.

Gx RTF ClearJect made from COP

COP displays attractive as a plastic choice to the proven glass syringe due to the developing demands of innovative active substances. 

The Gx RTF ClearJect design is compliant with ISO 11040-6 standard. The first design of the syringe is with a 27 gauge, 1/2 inch, 3-bevel thin-walled SS(stainless-steel) needle. The syringes are carefully controlled amount of the highly viscous and thus low-particle silicone oil Dow Corning 360 MD (12,500 cSt). 

A complete Gerresheimer Gx RTF ClearJect syringe system is with the COP syringe body having with plunger rods, plungers, finger flanges, and its closure systems. 

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