Innovative laser-marked printed desiccant canisters for pharmaceutical packaging by Airnov

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Source: Airnov

Innovative Laser-Marked Sorbent

Airnov Healthcare Packaging, a global supplier in controlled atmosphere packaging, introduces a new innovative production line of laser-marked sorbent and desiccant canisters. It prints directly on to the desiccant canister. 

Laser marking provides a clean, quick, and warning information with reduced risk of contaminating packaged pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals products. It also adds to a smaller carbon footprint. 

Permanent Marking on Canisters

Laser marking uses a too focused laser beam to create a combined thermal and photochemical effect in permanent marking. 

Laser marking machine for 1gram

Airnov has installed the lasers machine on its 1-gram canister lines, with the capacity to print/mark two sides without reducing the high-speed throughput. Today’s lasers are high-speed and able to render highly specialized, precise imagery and text. By keeping both sides, Airnov can incorporate all industry-required symbols and information such as “DO NOT EAT” in various languages.
The 1-gram drop-in-style desiccator is the same size as regular printed and labeled canisters. It gives the same assurance against drug degradation due to moisture. The canisters are formed in white color to facilitate laser marking. The colorant used is the same GRAS material used in bottles throughout the pharmaceutical industry.
Source: Airnov
By excluding the external supply chain needed for inks and labels, laser marking decreases the environmental impact by eliminating the associated shipping, packaging, and consumption streams. It also overcomes time-to-market for non-standard, custom symbols.
It is ideal for the packing into pharmaceutical and nutraceutical product packaging; canisters can be packed with silica gel for moisture adsorption, as usual. The same laser marked line for activated carbon canisters for smell control, and 2-in-1 canisters give moisture and odor control in one unit. 

US FDA Approved Regulation 

Airnov canisters are entirely approved with US FDA and EU regulations for pharmaceutical applications and comply with US Pharmacopeia USP <670> standard for pharmaceutical desiccants. 
A popular and cost-efficient alternative to desiccant packets supplied on reels and must be cut apart before insertion; the rigid canister construction facilitates continuous hopper feeding and high-speed automatic insertion on standard insertion equipment.
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