Check-out, Budweiser is going to be zero plastic rings

Eliminating Plastic Ring for Beer Cans

Budweiser Brewing Group UK&I, today declares that its iconic collection of beers is now zero plastic-ring. The company is eliminating 250 tonnes of plastic every year over its full canned beer area, including Budweiser, Bud Light, and Stella Artois. 

Scrap similar to a double-decker bus

In total, consolidated with decreasing its plastic shrink wrap method, the brewer has removed 850 tonnes of plastic scrap, a similar weight of 67 double-decker buses, from its supply chains.

Recyclable wraps and Keel Clip

Budweiser Brewing Group first published this objective in September 2019. It spent £6.3 million on the packaging infrastructure at its factories in South Wales and Lancashire, and within 13 months, it has reached today’s breakthrough. The sites, which collectively create more than 4,000 cans per minute, enhanced three canning lines. The sites are now fully implemented to produce plastic rings alternatives, including completely recyclable wraps and Keel Clip™. This new technology utilizes recyclable paperboard to create a lighter weight pack.

Past and Research of Plastic ring for Beer Can

When plastic rings were first launched in 1960, they were seen as innovative. However, user perception of them has switched drastically over the former 60 years, and there are now more suitable alternatives available. A new study out today has revealed that over half of Brits (56%) instantly think of wildlife caught in them and a similar amount (53%) of ocean pollution when considering plastic rings. When asked more broadly on single-use plastics, 82% of respondents supposed reducing the UK’s consumption was essential, and 27 percent even said they feel guilty when they buy products with single-use plastic.

Target of Circular Economy

Driving circular packaging is a crucial aspect of the brewer’s ambitious 2025 Sustainability Goals. AB InBev aims to have 100% of its products in packaging that is returnable or made from majority recycled content by 2025.
 Paula Lindenberg, President of Budweiser Brewing Group UK&I, said: “Sustainability and the wellbeing of our planet is one of the most important priorities for our business. We couldn’t have predicted this year’s events, but we were determined not to let this hinder our sustainability progress. It’s why I’m so proud that we’ve met our target of removing plastic rings and shrink wrap from all our canned beers. Thanks to the hard work of our teams, there will be no plastic rings on any canned beer that leaves our breweries in the UK from today.”


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